A blog from Visual Jill, East Bay Interior Design

A blog from Visual Jill, East Bay Interior Design

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Going Global in Your Home

The global/ethnic craze that started a couple of years ago with Ikat fabric and Moroccan rugs is still going strong -- and we are glad! Check out the new book by Australian designer Sibella Court, Nomad: a global approach to interior style. It's packed with textures, patterns and colors from around the world, all incorporated in brilliant ways within the home.
This book it truly a feast for your eyes, and inspirational beyond belief. It's making us look at our artifacts in new ways. And even if you've never traveled farther than the next state, you can find global treasures in antique stores and flea markets everywhere.

The new West Elm catalog, called roads less traveled, features goods handmade in Morocco.
The photos are breathtaking and just invite you to jump into these rich colors and luxurious textures.
Of course, it's always great to see how real people incorporate these trends within their own homes. The new Elle Decor features the space of designer Steven Johanknecht. Look how he carefully combines the kilim rug, a throw from Mexico, Navajo-inspired pillows, and raw wood.
And his outdoor space is just as inviting, with an eclectic mix of copper bells, colorful pillows and bright globe lights.
Yesterday we found our own great example of a global-chic Indian-inspired pillow at Nest, a unique boutique on Fillmore in San Francisco. We love the little shells at the corners and the tiny mirror sewn in the middle.
What do you have hidden away in your cupboards that might make interesting decor? Textiles, knick-knacks and ceramics from your travels might be just what you need to bring more individuality to your home.

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