A blog from Visual Jill, East Bay Interior Design

A blog from Visual Jill, East Bay Interior Design

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Color Trends for 2013

Last week we attended the Color Pulse 2013 presentation at the Benjamin Moore showroom in the San Francisco Design Center. These yearly Color Pulse shows give a fun preview of what colors will be most prominent in the design world for the year ahead.

The theme for 2013 is Intersection, broken down into four categories: Interflow, Intercycle, Interanimate, and Interconnect. The colors are inspired by art, design and architecture from around the world, and have three-dimensional references within each group.

Interflow is all about reintroducing colors and textures of the past in a new and modern way, retaining what is comfortable and familiar. Think colorful chunky knit pillows and quilts made in a fresh way.

Intercycle refers to upcycling “disposable” materials, repurposing elements through unusual pairings of color and material. Some examples are structures made out of old tires, and artwork from discarded license plates.

Interanimate is about play – using bold and dynamic color to escape the everyday life and connect with our inner child. This category is inspired by bright legos, marbles, and comic books.

Finally, Interconnect explores the juxtaposition of what is virtual vs. what is real. Color strikes a path through the virtual, illuminating the familiar and material world. Think digital photography and computer graphics.

So what colors will be "hot" in 2013? According to Benjamin Moore:

  • Reds -- those that are sophisticated, with blue undertones
  • Pinks -- both soft and feminine and bright pinks
  • Oranges -- deep corals and camel tones
  • Yellows -- when offset by red and oranges
  • Greens -- darker kelly green and very pale green
  • Blues -- watery blues, soft blues are starting to trend (influenced by popular website colors)
  • Purples -- smokey, almost mauvey, purples
  • Neutrals -- animal prints contrasted with bright colors

And what colors won't be popular next year?

  • Black and white -- this harsh contrast is going away
  • Metallics.
It will be fun to see how these predictions play out!

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