A blog from Visual Jill, East Bay Interior Design

A blog from Visual Jill, East Bay Interior Design

Friday, January 7, 2011

In Full Color

It’s always bittersweet taking down the holiday decorations. Things can feel a little drab after the sparkle and shine of lights and glitter, wreaths and decorations. And yet, they’ve served their purpose and it’s time to move on to what the New Year will bring. So if you find yourself looking for a way to fill the space that the holidays left open, we’ve got one word of advice:  
It’s amazing what an infusion of color can do to bring back that festive feeling in a fresh, new way. Here are some easy ways we’ve found to start the year In Full Color...

Pillow - Klassik Living :: Sheepskin, Striped Rug - IKEA :: bookshelf - CB2 :: chair - DWR
It only takes a little shot of hot pink to make a big statement! This felted wool pillow does the trick, while still inviting you to have a seat, grab a book, and stay a while.

Cymbidium - SF Flower Mart :: Pot - Aw Pottery :: Wooden Boxes, Pillow - CB2
We love the color of this big vase, especially when contrasted with one of our Faves, orange. And Cymbidium are a great way to add some color to you home, indoor or out, because they are so hardy.

Lemons - Berkeley Bowl :: Narcissus, Flowerpot - The Gardener
As we mentioned last week, citrus fruits abound this time of year. This simple bowl full of bright yellow lemons makes a sunny vignette when paired with clean white narcissus in a yellow pot.

So instead of seeing the empty spots where holiday cheer used to be, look at the spaces as an opportunity to introduce some bright, bold color into your life. The answer could be as simple as a bowl of oranges and as lively as a plant. Take a look around. The world is full of color!

*Credits: Kyoko Jackson - photography

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